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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The White Buffalo Is Coming To Make Your dreams Come True

For Immediate Release

The White Buffalo Is Coming To Make Your dreams Come True

New York, NY – Born out of the need for peace, North American Indian folk lore has a White Buffalo turning into a beautiful maiden to help bring peace to warring tribes. This is a central them in the paranormal romance, Sequin Boy and Cindy, where the White Buffalo helps the central character, Billy Wolk, find his Indian ancestors and shows his lost son the way home. Billy is half Native American Indian on his mother’s side and has been abused as a teenager by his stepfather.

Billy and Cindy are two lost souls who find each other on a train platform, fall in love and go on to build a family together as they overcome adversity and go on to help the community. Cindy has been abused as a teenager by her stepfather

Billy starts off with sequins on his face possibly to ward off evil spirits, but definitely to project the anti social side of his nature, which is hostile to a society that he feels has mistreated him – that all goes away with the love and attention that Cindy showers on him.

You’ll laugh and cry as life and the powers that be take Billy and Cindy on a roller coaster ride of highs and lows. Join them as they learn to love together, raise a family and experience the pure pleasure of giving back to the community. You’ll relate as their wild antics take on special meaning and offer a new dimension to the art of the possible in a love story for the ages.

Sequin Boy and Cindy is a paranormal romance novel available on Kindle. Don’t miss this heart-warming story.  It can help make your dreams come true. It can help make you feel truly wonderful.

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