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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Dream That Changed The World

Johnny woke up in a cold sweat. He had just had a dream that both frightened him and at the same time made him feel wonderful. In his dream he was floating in space in the palm of what he perceived to be a giant Hand. He was able to see and travel through beautiful galaxies all on this gigantic Hand, and he saw the wonders of the world. Johnny remembered asking out loud where he was, and who this Hand belonged to. He remembered the Hand answering him.

“Who are you?” Johnny asked.

A soft voice answered, “I am the Hand of God.”

“Why are you here?” Johnny asked.

“I am here because you need enlightenment,” said the voice of God.

“I do not understand. Have I done something wrong?”

“We all do things wrong. It is not important. What is important is what you intend to do. Do not worry, I know you do not understand.”

“I don’t know what I should be doing.”

“That is why I am here, to help you find your way.”

“When will I know what to do?”

“You will know when you are ready, when you truly believe.”

“But please Dear God, when will I be ready?”

“Keep asking the question. You are getting closer.”

With that last statement Johnny felt a gentle shove and felt like he had been plopped back down on his bed. He woke up in a sweat calling for his wife Sarhara.

“Sarhara, Sarhara, you will never believe what just happened to me. The Hand of God spoke to me. He told me I was getting closer to understanding what I should do with my life.”

“Of course He did,” Sarhara said. “Why wouldn’t He talk to his own prophet?”

“No, you don’t understand. This time I could swear He really spoke to me.”

“Of course dear, He always does.”

“No Sahara, you do not understand, but I love you anyway, this much God has taught me. He has taught me to have faith.”

“I understand that you are my prophet Johnny. I don’t need to know any more.”

“My darling Sarhara, I am discovering more and more that I am just a humble human being – that is of course if any of this is real, and not just part of a dream. But I believe and I have faith and therefore I believe that I am real. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“As far as I’m concerned my darling Johnny, the prophet has spoken.”

"I am going to have to share with the whole world what just happened to me. I have to tell them it's all right that we do not understand. I evidently am a prophet, and I have the 'word'. I have to tell them that we are getting closer to God if we just believe and have faith, and that is all that is important. Isn't it wonderful? I can't wait to tell everyone."

Hi, I am Arthur Levine, the author of the novel Johnny Oops. To read more about Johnny and his wild escapades please access:

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